Substation Automation


Providing reliable power to consumers is an everyday challenge for electric utilities. Substation automation equipment should be able to monitor and control the grid in order to ensure a fast response to real-time events with appropriate actions, and to maintain uninterrupted power services

Eaton's Cooper Power™ series substation automation products enable utilities to comply with the new IEC 61850 Standard for grid integration and automation. The SMP Gateway platforms are designed to achieve interoperability and interconnectivity of IEDs with a wide range of supported protocols.

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PA912002EN/ Old B1120-08702 SMP 16 Gateway
PA912003EN/ Old B1120-10058 SMP 4/DP Distribution Processor
BR914001EN Yukon Visual Transmission & Distribution (T&D) HMI/SCADA
  • Power Station Automation, Robert O’ Reilly, Senior Application Engineer, Cooper Power Systems, presented at Canadian Utility Telecom Conference, Winnipeg, September 8-11, 2008