Substation Automation


Providing reliable power to consumers is an everyday challenge for electric utilities. Substation automation equipment should be able to monitor and control the grid in order to ensure a fast response to real-time events with appropriate actions, and to maintain uninterrupted power services

Eaton's Cooper Powerâ„¢ series substation automation products enable utilities to comply with the new IEC 61850 Standard for grid integration and automation. The SMP Gateway platforms are designed to achieve interoperability and interconnectivity of IEDs with a wide range of supported protocols.

SMP Gateway is an advanced communications processor that provides the following benefits:

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  • Provide a secure single point of access to all substation devices
  • Restrict access to authorized users and applications
  • Log all access attempts
  • Comply with NERC requirements
  • Convert IED protocols to control center protocols
  • Handle all protocols problems once, at the substation level
  • Provide the control center with a single uniform data model
  • Support connections with multiple control centers, each using their own protocol to access their own subset of available data
  • Integrate serial and network devices, using a variety of communication links
  • Simplify access to IED data using network or dialup connections
  • Provide authorized personnel with remote access to IED maintenance and configuration ports
  • Automatically retrieve and forward event files from protection relays to the appropriate control center application
  • Poll devices and process data locally
  • Send only significant data to control centers
  • Implement local automation functions using the built-in Soft PLC
  • Preserve existing investments by integrating both new and legacy equipment and automation systems