Yukon Feeder Automation (YFA) Software


Yukon Feeder Automation Software is an advanced, dynamic self-healing software system that integrates real-time data from the distribution system to detect disturbances, automatically reconfigure the system to isolate the disturbance, and minimize the total number of customers impacted. Cooper Power Systems robust, scalable solutions empower utility engineers to easily change automation settings in hours rather than months allowing utilities to incorporate the self-healing grid as a process rather than treating reconfiguration as projects.

Controls with Communications

  • Feeder level switches/reclosers with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) that can communicate using DNP 3.0 or another supported protocol.
  • Communications integrated into the IEDs such as RF, cellular, WiMAX or fiber connection.
  • EAS offers field services including communications surveys, field integration of communications, configuration, and integration and commissioning.

Communication Server

  • The communication server polls the IED’s using one of the supported protocols. Currently Cooper Power Systems supports over 65 different protocols from DNP3, IEC 61850 to ICCP protocol.
  • The communication server populates the real time data exchange (RTDX) with data from the IED’s.
  • All control and status points of Yukon Feeder Automation exist as standard SCADA points that may be subscribed to by back office system for complete integration of IED and Yukon Feeder Automation into back office systems

Yukon Feeder Automation Algorithms

  • Yukon Feeder Automation software utilizes advanced reconfiguration algorithms and is installed on a secure computing platform at a central location.
  • The central location should be a secure automation processor located on the feeder, in the substation or at the control center.
  • The automation algorithm receives data/polls data from the RTDX and issues instructions/commands to the IEDs and populates the RTDX with automation status points.
  • Yukon manages all automation functionality and can be integrated with existing SCADA/EMS applications. It is possible to provide SCADA/EMS with real-time status reporting and the ability to disable/enable automation.


  • Yukon Feeder Automation is a dynamic, configurable platform that uses object oriented configuration versus a scripted rules based solution. Using the configurator allows the utility to easily change automation settings in minutes rather than weeks allowing them to own the process.
  • Yukon Feeder Automation utilizes a Topology Editor to configure the Yukon Feeder Automation engine.
  • Configuration is completed navigating from top to bottom through different nodes of a tree structure.


  • Yukon Feeder Automation Simulator provides users the ability to test the configuration programming and response under normal and abnormal power system conditions.
  • The automation engine interfaces with the Simulator identically as it would with real-life devices.
  • The Yukon Simulator can facilitate laboratory testing – reducing concept to installation time and minimizing automation costs. It resides on a PC and is a powerful tool for training, commissioning, and ensuring reliability.