Smart Sensors


The Smart Grid will rely on sensors deployed across the distribution system that monitor the system and provide data to enable applications. These sensors must be reliable, have low installed cost and leverage existing communications infrastructure that may include AMI and/or public cellular networks.

Eaton offers a family of GridAdvisor smart sensors called the GridAdvisor Sensors. These industry leading sensors are the easiest way to gain SCADA visibility across the power distribution network.

Sensor Details

The primary function of the GridAdvisor family of Smart Sensors is to provide utilities a method to remotely monitor the status of their distribution system and respond quickly and efficiently to faults and blown capacitor bank fuses.

The GridAdvisor™ Series II smart sensor helps utilities improve the efficiency in which they operate their distribution systems by improving outage management and capacitor bank maintenance while providing critical system information not previously available. This simple yet sophisticated device can announce directional fault targeting, detect capacitor bank fuse failure, and provide real time line monitoring at nearly any location via DNP3 protocol.

All Eaton Smart Sensors feature:

  • Single Hotstick Installation: Allows for quick and simple installation
  • Environmental Standards: Assures accurate and reliable performance over the entire specified temperature range, -35°C to +85°C, per IEEE Standard 495-1986
  • Remote System Monitoring: Allows for data to be collected remotely about distribution system status
  • Overhead and Underground: GridAdvisor sensors can be use for both overhead and underground applications


These sensors are specifically designed to provide multiple communications options including, cellular (GSM, CDMA) and Cellnet UtiliNet®.


Depending on the sensor and application that it facilitates a utility may choose to view the data on an existing enterprise software platform such as SCADA/DMS/OMS or on vendor software platforms that are hosted and accessible via the Internet.

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