Self-Healing Grid

The Self Healing Grid is a system comprised of sensors, automated controls, and advanced software that utilizes real-time distribution data to detect and isolate faults and to reconfigure the distribution network to minimize the customers impacted.

One of the main goals of a Self Healing Grid is to improve system reliability. This can be accomplished by reconfiguring the switches and reclosers installed on the distribution feeder to quickly isolate the faulted section of the feeder and re-establish service to as many customers as possible from alternate sources/feeders.

Self Healing solutions typically need to reconfigure the system within one to five minutes. To accomplish this it may require communications bandwidth in excess of what is typically provided by AMI systems (5-8 kbps). A utility can enable feeder automation solutions using a mix of higher bandwidth radios, cellular, fiber optic and WiMAX or BPL. Cooper Power Systems offers flexible communications options allowing the utilities to leverage existing communication infrastructures and upgrade to newer communication infrastructures in the future.