Power System Simulation

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Cable Ampacity Calculations

CYMCAP modular suite of applications to model and simulate cable installations.

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Industrial/Transmission Networks

CYME suite of applications for the analysis of industrial and transmission networks.

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Distribution Networks

CYMDIST suite of applications for the analysis of distribution networks.


The CYME interface is unified and straightforward, making its complex engineering calculation features easy to use. All of the analysis functions used by power engineers are available as a seamless suite of applications, regardless of which modules are purchased. Simulations can be performed on virtually any network configuration.

The CYME software provides powerful capabilities that support the detailed modeling of any distribution, industrial or transmission network of any scale and complexity. Creating balanced and unbalanced networks, secondary grids, substations, nested networks, whether radial or meshed, three-, two- or single phased, is fully supported and can represented schematically or geographically. To bring the network representation even closer to reality, the software includes extensive industry-standard equipment and control libraries that can be enhanced by the user.

The software is readily available for customers' immediate use in planning and engineering applications. The same solutions can be easily customized and seamlessly integrated as an embedded calculation engine with existing applications.

We also offer comprehensive services that allow our customers to fully benefit from the CYME applications in their environment.

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CYME Software Integration and Software Development

Our highly skilled engineers and computer specialists will assist your team to efficiently integrate and successfully deploy the CYME Power Engineering Software solutions into your specific environment for proficient off-line and real-time operations.

Our software and power engineers can also elaborate, develop and provide software solutions based on the CYME software that will properly solve identified engineering setback.

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