Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Cooper Power Systems AMI provides utilities the largest feature set, choice of meter manufacturers, industry leading support and unmatched flexibility to ensure the needs of all departments, from billing to engineering, are met. Cooper Power Systems is your Best Fit Partner for Hybrid Systems and provides utilities with their Gateway to the Intelligent Grid.

Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform gives utilities the opportunity to combine AMR/AMI with Demand Response, Intelligent Capacitor Control and Distribution Automation, all on one platform, all from one vendor. Our AMI has the unique advantage of providing utilities with the tools required for today. Combined with the flexibility to expand into future advanced functionality, the Yukon platform is designed for the new Smart Grid reality.

Cooper Power Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of AMI technologies to meet the needs of all service territories. Our Blended AMI offering includes RF, PLC, and Cellular solutions—all tied together to a single head end, which empowers utilities to deliver uniform service levels across their entire service territory.

AMI offers unlimited flexibility, unmatched transmission capacity, easy-to-use software, and the industry’s best operational support system. Cooper Power Systems Versatile Infrastructure combines Comprehensive Meter Choice and Capability with the industry’s Lowest Impact AMI Installation to ensure a Successful System Implementation.

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Cooper Power Systems RF Mesh AMI network provides utilities with a single integrated-mesh network for electric, water and gas data communications with the ability to support all meter vendors. Best suited in service areas with dense meter populations, the RF Mesh AMI delivers highly reliable two-way communications across an unlicensed 900 MHz spread spectrum utilizing radios with 50 channels for frequency hopping.

Platform-ready and flexible, the RF mesh AMI network offers high bandwidth, minimal latency, superior flexibility and industry leading security architecture making it an increasingly attractive choice for emerging Smart Grid applications.

Unlike traditional wireless networks, the RF Mesh AMI Solution is 100 percent self-forming and self-healing. In other words, the nodes in the mesh network automatically establish and maintain network connectivity, limiting the number of WAN take-out points needed to collect data. This provides utilities with several key benefits, including low upfront cost, easy network implementation and maintenance, scalability and reliable service coverage.


Cooper Power Systems offers the fastest, most robust Power Line Carrier (PLC) AMI Solution on the market. Best suited for less densely populated service areas, this proven AMI Solution combines superior flexibility, advanced functionality and industry-leading support to provide utilities with a system capable of meeting the high performance demands of future Smart Grid applications.

The PLC AMI Solution allows simultaneous and real-time access across the utility to perform a variety of functions. Using prioritization and command queues, information from any meter on the system can be pulled back on-demand without waiting for scheduled activities to complete. This provides immediate access to users with the most urgent of needs. The PLC network enables instantaneous demand response at speeds unmatched in the industry. With the best speed and data capacity of any PLC system, the AMI Solution has the ability to pull back more data, faster. This allows the utility to collect large amounts of detailed information, providing the tools needed to optimize efficiency and improve customer service.


Cooper Power Systems Cellular AMI Solution is a high capacity, highly reliable network system designed to provide utilities with a flexible, valuable communication option for key accounts. This solution also lends itself to surgical deployments—providing cost-effect AMI or demand response capabilities for a targeted or broader group of customers. In addition, the technology can be used to fill gaps within the AMI network.

The high throughput network provides the ability to collect granular data to assist utilities in serving their key commercial/industrial customers. With low monthly data costs, wide coverage and high bandwidth capability, the Cellular AMI Solution offers exceptional functionality and security that is integrated into the Cooper Power Systems Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform.

The Cellular AMI system combines the advantages of standard IP-based communications, quick implementation and high speed data delivery by leveraging existing cellular network infrastructure. Utilities have an attractive network choice for emerging Smart Grid applications and delivering on key customer requirements. Cooper Power Systems Cellular AMI Solution supports CDMA and GSM/GPRS cellular networks.

Cooper Power Systems Cellular AMI is a high performance, low latency, future proof solution that leverages the existing networks infrastructure. 

No other vendor has as powerful a software platform as Yukon, an extensible enterprise-class software platform that can function at the center of all our clients’ automation initiatives. Yukon’s capabilities and usability are significant differentiators between a true Smart Grid provider such as Cooper Power Systems and meter vendors or communication companies offering AMI.

Together, Cooper Power Systems RF, PLC, and Cellular AMI technologies provide a comprehensive solution portfolio — allowing utilities to deliver uniform service across all service territories.