Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Eaton's Cooper Power™ series AMI solutions provide utilities the largest feature set, choice of meter manufacturers, industry leading support and unmatched flexibility to ensure the needs of all departments, from billing to engineering, are met. Eaton is your Best Fit Partner for Hybrid Systems and provides utilities with their Gateway to the Intelligent Grid.

Eaton's Yukon enterprise software gives utilities the opportunity to combine AMI with Demand Response, Intelligent Capacitor Control and Distribution Automation, all on one platform, all from one vendor. Our AMI has the unique advantage of providing utilities with the tools required for today. Combined with the flexibility to expand into future advanced functionality, the Yukon platform is designed for the new Smart Grid reality.

AMI offers unlimited flexibility, unmatched transmission capacity, easy-to-use software, and the industry’s best operational support system. Eaton's Versatile Infrastructure combines Comprehensive Meter Choice and Capability with the industry’s Lowest Impact AMI Installation to ensure a Successful System Implementation.

Simultaneously Perform:

  • Customer Service
  • Dispatch/Outage Management
  • Engineering
  • Demande Response
  • Customer Billing
  • Remote Connect/Disconnect
  • Member Services

The advanced feature set in our single-phase meters rival any available on the market today and includes:

  • 150 days of time-synchronized 15-minute interval data or 600 days of hourly data stored in the meter
  • Five, 15-, 30-, or 60-minute configurable load profile intervals
  • Voltage minimum and maximums with date and time stamp
  • Configurable voltage threshold
  • Outage logs with date, time and duration
  • Time Of Use registers with an unscheduled Critical Peak Pricing tier
  • 93 days of daily usage data
  • Unique IDs for all devices on the system
  • Remote disconnect/reconnect with load limiting capability
  • 18 days of 15-minute load profile storage in the meter

In addition to our advanced hardware features, we’ve also created a multitude of interfaces utilizing the MultiSpeak interface to provide utilities with the opportunity to integrate our system with the billing, customer service, outage management and pre-paid metering applications already in place.