Advanced Metering Infrastructure


Eaton's Cooper Power™ series AMI solutions provide utilities the largest feature set, choice of meter manufacturers, industry leading support and unmatched flexibility to ensure the needs of all departments, from billing to engineering, are met. Eaton is your Best Fit Partner for Hybrid Systems and provides utilities with their Gateway to the Intelligent Grid.

Eaton's Yukon enterprise software gives utilities the opportunity to combine AMI with Demand Response, Intelligent Capacitor Control and Distribution Automation, all on one platform, all from one vendor. Our AMI has the unique advantage of providing utilities with the tools required for today. Combined with the flexibility to expand into future advanced functionality, the Yukon platform is designed for the new Smart Grid reality.

AMI offers unlimited flexibility, unmatched transmission capacity, easy-to-use software, and the industry’s best operational support system. Eaton's Versatile Infrastructure combines Comprehensive Meter Choice and Capability with the industry’s Lowest Impact AMI Installation to ensure a Successful System Implementation.

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Eaton values our energy customers, their service concerns, and their health. Eaton's Cooper Power™ series RF products meet and exceed the FCC certification requirements for operating within the ISM band and are further reassured by recent, continued assessments demonstrating the very limited potential RF exposure caused by smart meters. The exposure analyses confirms the very low impact of smart meter RF transmissions relative even to other more prevalent RF-transmitting household devices that are considered safe. Even under the extreme assumption of close user proximity to a malfunctioning continuous transmitting device, the resulting RF exposure does not rise to a level that creates a human health concern.

U.S. utilities have been installing meters with radios for remote meter reading since the 1980’s. There are now over 50 million of these devices installed and operating in the US without a documented health issue. Additionally, due to the fact that smart meters emit radio frequencies intermittently and at much lower levels than many other safe RF-emitting devices, there is currently no demonstrated risk to the user. Eaton is committed to continuing to monitor the technical and health assessments associated with smart meter operation and in adhering to the regulatory requirements and certifications to ensure that our products do not pose a health risk to utility customers.

Experts concur (see below)—Smart meters pose less of a health risk than many other household items.

  • California Council on Science and Technology: “Wireless smart meters, when installed and properly maintained, result in much smaller levels of radio frequency (RF) exposure than many existing common household electronic devices, particularly cell phones and microwave ovens.”
  • Maine Center for Disease Control: concluded there is “no consistent or convincing evidence to support a concern for health effects related to the use of radio frequency in the range of frequencies and power used by smart meters.”