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Eaton designed the Cooper Power series TransFusion™ Coordination Program for use by electrical utility specification engineers, transformer designers and manufacturers, and electrical power consultants. Based on proper user input of transformer specification data, results will be a recommendation of properly coordinated Eaton transformer protection devices.

Improve System Reliability With The Optimum Arrester

Optimizer 2013 is a program that assists users, specifiers, students, sellers, and almost anyone involved in distribution arresters in the selection and understanding of this product.

Functions of the Optimizer

  • Recommends the optimum arrester rating from each manufacturer based on user entered data.
  • Clearly and easily compares all critical characteristics of Eaton, Joslyn and Ohio Brass distribution arresters.

Sources of Data
All of the data in this calculator is public information and found in catalogs, except the Watts Loss data which comes from laboratory tests.

Calculation and Recommendation Methods
The calculation methods are all from IEEE C62.22.

The Optimizer 2013
This program requires Macros to be enabled on your computer. Upon launching the program, you will be prompted to Enable Macros. If you are not prompted, please manually enable Macros by using the following steps:

  • Open The Optimizer 2013 (1.38 MB) zip file. 
  • Copy the .XLSM within the zip file to a folder location and open it.
  • In your Excel toolbar, go to Tools, Macro, Security.
  • In the Security Level tab, choose the Medium setting.
  • Save document to your computer.
  • Close current document and Re-open the new version from your computer.