Cleer 600 Amp Loadbreak Connector System
PS650004EN / Old G600-100-1
PDF | Word
T-OP II Deadbreak Connector PS650007EN / Old G600-12-1 PDF | Word
BT-TAP Deadbreak Connector PS650001EN / Old G600-15-1 PDF | Word
BOL-T Deadbreak Connector PS650002EN / Old G600-30-1 PDF | Word
600 A 35 kV Class BOL-T Deadbreak Connector PS650005EN / Old G600-50-1 PDF | Word
35 kV Class T-OP II Deadbreak Connector PS650003EN / Old G600-52-1 PDF | Word
600 A 35 kV Class BT-TAP Deadbreak Connector PS650006EN / Old G600-55-1 PDF | Word
Specification for Fusing of Pad-Mounted Transformers PS132001EN Word | PDF
Kearney Products
Specification for Polymer-Insulated and Porcelain Interchangeable Loadbreak Cutouts PS132002EN Word | PDF
Sectionalizing Cabinets
SecTER Cabinets PS901001EN Word | PDF
Surge Arresters
Polymer-Housed Station-Class Arrester PS235001EN / Old 235-103-1 Word | PDF
Polymer-Housed UXL High-Strength Station-Class Arrester PS235002EN / Old G235-104-1 Word | PDF
D-73P Disconnect Switch PS008003EN/ Old G328-10-1 Word | PDF
Edison Single-Phase Capacitor Switch PS230002EN/ Old G230-50-1 Word | PDF
NR and NRV Oil Switches PS230001EN/ Old G230-60-1 Word | PDF
DAS Three-Phase Switch and iDC Control PS008001EN Word | PDF
M-Force Three-Phase Switch PS008002EN Word | PDF
Single-Phase Overhead-type Distribution Transformer PS201001EN Word | PDF
Single-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer
PS201002EN Word | PDF
Three-Phase Unit Substation Distribution Transformers
PS202005EN/ Old G210-15-1 Word | PDF
Three-Phase Open Substation Distribution Transformers
G210-16-1 (See PS202005EN)
Three-Phase Indoor Unit Substation Transformers
G210-15-2 (See PS202005EN)
Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformers
PS202002EN/ Old G210-12-1 Word | PDF
Critical Application, Envirotran HDC Transformers 45 – 10,000 kVA
PA202003EN/ Old G210-12-2 Word | PDF
Triplex Indoor Power Centers 750-2500 kVA
PS202008EN/ Old G210-15-3 Word | PDF
Critical Application, Envirotran HDC Transformers 112.5-10,000 kVA
PS202009EN/ Old G210-15-4 Word | PDF
Type VFI, Vacuum Fault Interrupter Transformer Option
PS202011EN/ Old G210-12-VFI Word | PDF
PEAK Three-Phase Pad-mounted Compartmental Type PS202004EN/ Old G210-80-1 Word | PDF
PEAK Three-Phase Substation Transformers PS202010EN/ Old G210-90-1 Word | PDF
Multi-Tap Transformers PS202001EN Word | PDF
Underground Distribution Switchgear
VFI - Vacuum Fault Interrupter (Tri-Phase/TPG Control)
PS285002EN/ Old G285-10-1 Word | PDF
Type VFI, vacuum Fault Interrupter Switchgear (Idea Relays)
PS285001EN/ Old G285-10-2 Word | PDF
Type MOST, Oil-Insulated Switchgear
PS285003EN/ Old G285-20-1 Word | PDF
Type RVAC, Vacuum Break Switchgear
PS285004EN/ Old G285-50-1 Word | PDF
Type PST Automatic Transfer Switchgear with iST Control
PS285005E/ Old NG285-60-1 Word | PDF