Voltage Regulator On-Site Training


A well-maintained regulator helps ensure more reliable power and increased safety. Proper maintenance also saves time and money by avoiding system downtime and extending the life of the equipment. This course provides the information you need to improve system performance, increase reliability, and ensure safe electric power delivery throughout your system.

Voltage Regulator equipment will be transported to your site. The equipment will consists of 2 complete untanked regulators, the latest CL-6 controls, current and past tap-changer models and numerous troubleshooting stations.

The course consists of three days of hands-on training sessions and lectures on the testing, troubleshooting and repair of voltage regulators. Attendees are encouraged to discuss their own experiences. Instructors will help attendees develop solutions to specific maintenance and repair problems they have encountered on the job.

In three days, you will learn…

  • Regulator theory, products, and applications
  • Regulator bypass safety
  • Voltage Regulator Control functions and programming
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance, and replacement part selection
  • Low voltage hands-on troubleshooting
  • Tap changer hands-on maintenance and repair
  • Overview of regulator schematics
  • Regulator communications and software

On-site training schools are an economical way of training your whole crew or you can split the cost and training seats with other nearby organizations.

Course customization is also available; we can tailor our regulator training to your specific needs.

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