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Since 1986, CYME has built a strong reputation with its clients by delivering the best solutions and providing unsurpassed customer services. Our professional team of dedicated experts is committed to work closely with your engineers throughout the entire project to achieve its successful completion.

CYME is committed to respond to customer inquiries within the business day and our local resellers around the world provide customer support locally, in the language of the region.

P: 450.461.3655, International and Canada
P: 800.361.3627, USA and Canada
F: 450.461-0966

Monday - Friday
8:00 - 5:00 EST

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Customer support and maintenance, including updates, are supplied free of charge for the first year. After the one-year free-of-charge customer support and update period, offered immediately upon purchase of the software, maintenance contracts are available on an annual basis at a cost that amounts to 12% of the software current list price. This service includes prompt customer support by phone, fax or electronic-mail and access to updates reflecting on-going software developments.

All of our clients, with valid maintenance contracts or are under the one-year free-of-charge customer support and upgrade period, will be advised through the CYME online forum and by e-mail on the availability of new versions on our web site.

To maintain our technological advantage and offer our clientele the best products that meet the latest industry standards, CYME earmarks a large portion of its sales revenue for research and development. This has always been a key factor in a) successfully providing our demanding clientele with new and powerful analytical and/or interface options and b) consolidating and maintaining CYME as a cutting-edge high-technology product supplier.

Contact us for more information:

The latest releases of CYME's software along with the corresponding user's manuals are available to download from the Internet. To obtain the Internet address of the updates download page, users with up-to-date maintenance contracts are invited to contact the sales department by filling out this form. Also, our customers can visit the CYME Online Forum for the latest news about imminent upgrades and new releases, with download instructions. <<Please note that the CYME Forum is currently unavailable -- contact us if you need additional information>>

If you wish to download a trial version of one of our software products, please fill out this form. Specify which module(s) you are interested in so we can send you a CD-ROM or provide you with a special web page address.

We are offering web seminars that highlight the powerful features of our software. These live seminars are interactive and conducted by a CYME engineer allowing you to ask your questions and receive immediate feedback. 

  • Follow this link for details about the seminar and registration. New meetings will be added regularly.

Contact us for more information.

CYME offers multi-days training sessions, open to all current CYME customers, collectively. These sessions are held in various locations.

  • Click here for the current list of Software Training courses with their dates and locations.

The CYME Online Forum further enhances the networking between the CYME users and with the CYME specialists and development teams. It can be accessed from this web site or through the Help menu of your CYME software. <<Please note that the CYME Forum is currently unavailable -- contact us if you need additional information>>

  • Learn about upcoming events and training.
  • Learn about imminent upgrades and new releases.
  • Obtain information for downloading upgrades and new versions.
  • Post your questions or comments and receive feedback from your peers or from CYME specialists.
  • Suggest and discuss new features.
  • Report your problems and receive information about workarounds and relevant upcoming upgrades.

Once a year, in June, Cooper Power Systems invites its CYME community of users at its international Users Group Conference in Canada. This yearly experience allows our customers to meet peers from all over the world, to share ideas, and to progress in their knowledge of the CYME software.

  • Learn and exchange about the recent technical advances of the CYME software.
  • Increase the ability to utilize the full functionality of the software.
  • Discuss about CYME software, services and training.
  • Express and discuss your opinions, ideas and experiences about power engineering.

For CYME, this is a key occasion to:

  • Present the new features of the CYME software.
  • Present the full potential of selected CYME features.
  • Update the community of users on CYME activities.
  • Evaluate the relevance and usefulness of upcoming features and offerings.
  • Learn about users experience.
  • Identify emerging trends.

CYMExpress brings you information on our latest software developments along with news and updates about our activities for the transmission and distribution power industries.