Pad-Mounted Voltage Regulators


Eaton's Cooper Power™ series single-phase pad-mounted voltage regulators and 3-in-1 pad-mounted voltage regulators add a dimension to underground system planning. They provide system planners freedom to improve the safety, reliability and power quality in existing and new underground distribution systems. The pad-mounted voltage regulator provides all the functionality of traditional round tank pole-mounted and substation-mounted regulators, with the convenience of pad-mounting

The pad-mounted voltage regulator provides state-of-the-art voltage regulation while reducing installation costs and preserving a more aesthetically pleasing environment. The pad-mounted voltage regulator, in conjunction with pad-mounted transformers and switchgear, can be used to create a modular pad-mounted substation. This substation can be placed in areas that require a low profile installation. It can be placed in unobtrusive sites and possibly in shared rights-of-way.

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Ratings 7620 V = 8000, 7970, 7620, 7200, 6930, 4800, 4160, 2400 standard nameplate volta
Ratings 14400 V = 14400, 13800, 13200, 12000, 7970, 7620, 7200, 6930 standard nameplated


  • The pad-mounted voltage regulator provides step-type voltage regulation in thirty-two (32) steps of approximately 5/8% each for a maximum of 10% regulation when used singly or in wye-connected banks.
  • The voltage regulator is available in voltage ratings,7620/7200 and 14,400 volt for 60 Hertz systems.
  • Current ratings from 50 to 548 amperes are available.
  • Control of the voltage regulator is microprocessor-based, with a digital metering package of Class 1 accuracy.
  • Full metal barrier separating the two compartments
  • Two parking stands
  • Three bushing wells & inserts or 600 A terminations
  • Standard “padmounted green” paint (Munsell 7GY3.29/1.5) Ground pads
  • Bolted oil tank cover
  • Nameplates (2)
  • Deep (31") removable cabinet
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • Lifting lugs
  • Under-oil series arrester (3 kV)
  • Provisions for pressure/vacuumgauge & thermometer
  • 1" filter press connection and fillplug
  • Control box with CL-5 control
  • Oil level gauge
  • Junction box and position indicator
  • 1" drain valve with sampler
  • Control cable disconnect at junction box and control box
  • Line-side lift-off door secured withtwo captivated bolts
  • Pad-lockable lift-off control-sidedoor with three-point latching
  • Door position-retention rods