32-Step Single-phase Voltage Regulator


Eaton's Cooper Powerâ„¢ series VR-32 single-phase step voltage regulators are tap-changing autotransformers. Voltage is maintained within desired limits by controls that feature superior accuracy, reliability, and serviceability. Continuity of service is assured by rugged, service-proven tap changers and core-and-coil assemblies functioning with the control.

Voltage regulators are available with a full complement of standard features for routine applications, as well as a full line of option-al accessories for unique applications. In addition, the regulator offers desirable features that enhance operation and service.

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Ratings Ratings and Dimensions 50 Hz, see CA225001EN
Ratings Ratings and Dimensions 60 Hz, see CA225001EN


  • Regulate distribution line voltages from 10% raise (boost) to 10% lower (buck) in thirty-two steps of approximately 5/8% each.
  • Voltage ratings are available from 2400 volts (60 kV BIL) to 34,500 volts (200 kV BIL) for 60 Hz and 50 Hz systems.
  • Internal potential winding taps and an external ratio correction transformer are provided on all ratings so that each regulator may be applied to more than one system voltage.
    • Smaller kVA sizes are supplied with support lugs for pole mounting and with substation or platform tie down provisions.
    • Larger sizes are provided with substation bases with pad-mounting provisions.
  • CL-series control
  • Tap changer with motor and powersupply
  • Position indicator with ADD-AMP adjustment
  • Two laser-etched nameplates
  • Lifting lugs
  • Oil drain valve and sampling device
  • Upper filter press connection
  • Oil sight gauge
  • Mounting provisions for shunt arresters
  • High-creep bushings with clamp-type terminals
  • Bolt-down provisions (overheadunits)
  • Pole-type mounting brackets (over-head units)
  • Substation base (substation units)
  • External series arrester
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • Handhole
  • Control cabinet with removable front panel
  • Ratio correction transformer
  • Conformally coated circuit boards