Variable Voltage Transformers


The environmentally friendly alternative to unconventional oil shale and bitumen recovery

The variable voltage transformer (VVT) is designed to handle the versatility needed for low-to-medium voltage heater-cable & process heater applications.

Product Aid PA225005EN

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  • Economical solution
    • Less expensive than full-Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) or contactor with SCR-trim controls
    • Medium-voltage solution more economical and efficient than traditional low-voltage installations
    • Quick shutdown in case of emergency
  • Integrated package
    • Control is handled through single microprocessor
      • Feedback devices are managed through I/O to control
      • Configurable logic diagrams to allow control flexibility
  • Apparatus tank contains CTs & PTs for monitoring
  • Vacuum Fault Interrupter for overcurrent protection & switching
  • Environmentally preferred
    • Water is not needed for extraction
      • Particularly important in areas where water is scarce and no aquifers or surface water is available
    • Water is one of the by-products of TAGD during in-situ recovery of bitumen
      • No steam needed
      • No need to inject hazardous chemicals underground
      • No need for corrosion inhibitors on injectors and other distribution systems equipment
      • CO2 tends to pressurize and break down viscosity – not an issue with Thermal Recovery
      • No added gasses such as C02 and NX4 produced in the extraction process
    • Heats electrodes to extract oil - does not require a large surface infrastructure
    • Less invasive to the ground and surrounding wildlife
    • More oil and gas from a smaller footprint
  • Economical solution
    • Access deeper oil shale resources for more efficient recovery
    • Gradual capital investments as the system ramps up and begins to produce
    • Quick shutdown in case of emergency
  • MITS option provides easy mobility
    • Mounted on easily movable skid that can contain multiple units
    • Containment options provide easy adherence to environmental regulations
    • Reducing overall cost
    • Potential savings in the millions, depending on the size and scope of the project