VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter Switchgear

Smart VFI Underground Distribution Switchgear

VFI underground distribution switchgear provides an environmentally preferred, safer, and more reliable approach to medium-voltage switching and protection, with optional advanced intelligence. Dead-front construction and enhanced operating features provide added safety. All internal parts are completely immersed within a sealed insulating medium. A variety of fluid and gas insulating media are available, including E200 – a fire-resistant, non-toxic, biodegradable, liquid dielectric coolant.

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Document Number Title
CA285004EN/ Old 285-10 Padmounted VFI Vacuum Oil Interrupter
PA285003EN VFI Underground Distribution Switchgear - Environmentally Preferred Switchgear
PA285002EN Smart VFI Underground Distribution Switchgear
PA285005EN Smart VFI Underground Distribution Switchgear for Solar Applications
PS285001EN/ Old G285-10-1 Type VFI Guideform Specifications
PS285002EN/ Old G285-10-2 Type VFI Guideform Specifications
Document Number Title
MN285006EN VFI Oil-Insulated Installation Instructions
MN285004EN VFI SF6-Installation Instructions
MN285010EN SF6 Gas Top-Off Kit
MN285011EN Visible Break Switch Accessory Operation Instructions
MN285012EN Type VFI Fault Interrupter w/Tri-Phase Control Single-Phase Trip to Three-Phase Trip Conversion Kit Instructions
MN285001EN VFI Tester Operation Instructions
TD285003EN Guide for Atmospheric Retrofilling of 38 kV (or lower) Fluid-filled Switchgear
Document Number Title
CA165005EN/ Old 165-265 iTAP-265 Dual Overcurrent Relay