Shrubline VFI Vacuum Fault Interrupter


Eaton Cooper Power series Shrubline VFI vacuum switchgear provides fault interruption and convenient load switching for underground systems through 25 kV. Shrubline VFI switchgear is designed for outdoor mounting on a concrete pad.

Power is fed to and from the switchgear from underground cables through openings in the pad. Deadfront construction minimizes the high voltage safety hazards for both the operator and the general public.

Shrubline VFI switchgear employs oil as the insulation medium to provide a compact, low-profile installation.


  • It replaces riser pole fuses, provides intermediate in-line fault protection, tap or branch line protection, protection for isolated loads, and protection for normally open points in loop-fed URD systems.
  • The vacuum interrupter provides fast, low energy arc interruption and produces no arcing by-products to contaminate the insulating oil.
  • Cooper Power Systems 15/25 kV 200A bushing wells are provided as standard. The wells meet the full requirements of ANSI/IEEE standard 386 for separable insulated connector systems.
  • Shrubline VFI switchgear features deadfront, tamperresistant, low-profile construction.
  • Provisions are included for padlocking the cabinet in order to prevent unauthorized door opening.
Rating 15kV 25kV
Maximum Design Voltage, kV 15.5 27
BIL, kV 95 125
1-Minute Withstand (60 Hz) Interrupter and Terminators, kV 34 40
Continuous Current (max), A 200 200
Interrupting Current (sym./asym.), kA 12/20 12/20
Momentary Current 10 cycles (asym.), kA 20* 20*
3 Sec. (sym.), kA 12* 12*
Making Current (sym.), kA 12* 12*
Transformer Magnetizing Interrupting Current, A 21 21
Cable Charging Interrupting Current, A 10 25

* Interrupter only. Short time-current ratings of bushings are 10 kA (sym.).

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