One Piece Cooper EZ II Splice


Eaton's Cooper Power™ series 15, 25 and 35 kV Class one-piece splice provides a permanent, fully-shielded, fully submersible cable joint with a current rating equal to that of the mating cable. The splice meets or exceeds all requirements of IEEE Std 404™-1993 standard and is Rural Utilities Service (RUS) approved.

Document Number Title
PA650004EN/ Old 99045 EZ II Splice
CA650020EN/ Old 700-15 15, 25, and 35 kV EZ II Splice
BR100003EN/ Old B100-02024 Specifier's Guide - Components Master Catalog
TD650029EN/ Old R700-15-1 EZ II Splice Cross Reference
MN650007EN/ Old S700-15-1 15 kV and 25 kV Class EZ II Splice Installation Information (For A, B, and C Cable Ranges Only)
MN650006EN/ Old S700-15-2 25/35 kV Class EZ II Splice Installation Instructions (For D, E, and F Cable Ranges Only)