One Piece Cooper EZ II Splice


Eaton's Cooper Power™ series 15, 25 and 35 kV Class one-piece splice provides a permanent, fully-shielded, fully submersible cable joint with a current rating equal to that of the mating cable. The splice meets or exceeds all requirements of IEEE Std 404™-1993 standard and is Rural Utilities Service (RUS) approved.

Catalog Number SP
15 kV Voltage Ratings Refer to CA650020EN
25 kV Voltage Ratings Refer to CA650020EN
35 kV Voltage Ratings Refer to CA650020EN
Certifications IEEE Std 404™-1993 standard, RUS approved


 Easiest To Install

  • Tapered cable entrances
  • Smooth bore
  • Relieved conductive insert
  • Reformulated rubber

Wide Cable Ranges

  • Stocking flexibility
  • Transition splices

 Sure Grip

  • Contoured splice body


  • Manufacturing facility registered to ISO 9001

Assured Long Term Reliability

  • Cooper Power Systems Exclusive MultiStress Test
  •  IEEE Std 404™ standard Certified

An optional cold shrink rejacketing kit is available if required. The rejacketing kit is used to cover and seal the splice and cable jacket when splicing jacketed concentric neutral cable. Two types of cold shrink kits are available: a one-piece design and a stacked two-piece design which reduces the amount of work space needed in a trench or manhole. Both designs are made from EPDM rubber to form a durable, water tight seal covering the entire splice and the exposed ends of the cable’s outer jacket.

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