200 A 25 kV Rotatable Feedthru Insert


The Cooper Power Systems 25 kV Rotatable Feedthru Insert is used to provide dual bushings from a single apparatus bushing well. It makes converting radial-feed transformers to feed-thru transformers and adding in-line arrester protection both easy and practical. Its patented, built-in torque limiting ratchet prevents operators from accidentally breaking bushing well studs during installation. The ratchet feature also allows the operator to rotate the feedthru insert 360° to orient it in the best position for the application. The bail assembly supplied with the kit can be used to lock the feedthru in position. The Cooper Power Systems Rotatable Feedthru Insert incorporates an all copper current path and peroxide cured EPDM rubber. It fully meets the requirements of IEEE Standard 386™. When mated with comparably rated products, the insert provides a fully shielded and submersible loadbreak apparatus connection. Cooper’s latch indicator ring, located on the circumference of the bushing’s collar, eliminates the guesswork of loadbreak elbow installation on the bushing interface. The bright yellow ring provides immediate feedback to determine if the elbow is properly installed on the bushing. If the yellow ring is completely covered by the loadbreak elbow, it is fully “latched,” if the ring is visible, the elbow can be installed correctly before any problems can occur.

Catalog Number LFI225
Standard Voltage Class: 25 kV
Maximum Rating Phase-to-Phase: 26.3 kV
Maximum Rating Phase-to-Ground: 15.2 kV
AC 60 Hz 1 Minute Withstand: 40 kV
DC 15 Minute Withstand: 78 kV
BIL and Full Wave Crest: 125 kV
Minimum Corona Voltage Level: 19 kV


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