Clēēr™ 600 A Loadbreak Connector System


Clēēr™ Loadbreak Connector reduces outages by providing reliable switching under load – as reliable as traditional 200 A loadbreak connectors – and allows other circuits to remain energized, limiting the amount of downtime and inconvenienced customers.

It is the only 600 A three-phase rated loadbreak connector system in the industry. Available in 15, 25 and 28 kV ratings, this unique solution offers both a visible break and visible ground without having to de-energize, unbolt 600 A terminations, or move heavy cables. This system offers an efficient and reliable visible break when used for sectionalizing, splicing, or in-line with vacuum switchgear.

600 A 15 and 25 kV Class Clēēr™ Grounding Elbow

Cleer Grounding Elbow

The Cooper Power Systems Clēēr grounding elbow is a tool used to provide a visible ground on Cooper Power Systems 600 A, 15 and 25 kV Clēēr Loadbreak Connector System. It is designed to be installed directly on the 600 A loadbreak interfaces after the circuit is verified to be de-energized. A Clēēr grounding elbow installed on the loadbreak bushing interfaces on each end of the cable will isolate and ground the cable. The grounding elbow has a 16 kA through fault and fault closure rating for 15 kV systems.

Standoff Bushing

Cleer System Accessory

The Cooper Power Systems 600 A, 15 and 25 kV Class Clēēr Loadbreak Standoff Bushing meets the applicable requirements of IEEE Std 386™ standard - Separable Insulated Connector Systems and provides double interfaces for temporarily parking the Cooper Power Systems Clēēr Loadbreak Connector in sectionalizing cabinets and in underground vaults. The standoff bushing is designed to be installed in the parking stand of the sectionalizing cabinet or in a parking stand mounted in a vault.

Protective Cap

Cleer System Accessory

The 600 A, 15 and 25 kV Clēēr loadbreak protective caps are an accessory device designed to electrically insulate and mechanically seal the 600 A Clēēr loadbreak bushing interfaces.

It incorporates Cooper Power Systems field proven POSI-BREAK™ technology, providing a layer of insulation over the conductive internal insert and an insulative sleeve on the base of the probe. This results in increased strike distance greatly reducing the possibility of partial vacuum flashovers and providing superior switching performance and reliability.

The protective cap is fully shielded and submersible and meets the applicable requirements of IEEE Std 386™ -2006 standard. Refer to Installation Instruction Sheet, S600-100-2 for details.