200 A and 600 A, 15 and 25 kV Cable Transition and Oil Stop Modules


Cable Transition Modules (CTMs) and Oil Stop Modules (OSMs) are designed for splicing paper insulated lead cable (PILC) into solid dielectric cable. These modules are fully shielded, submersible, resistant to harsh materials, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEEE Standard 386™ – “Separable Insulated Connector Systems.”

These vacuum cast modules are made of a proprietary high quality silica batting resin, possessing a high dielectric strength (600 V/mil) and are available for applications up to 25 kV. The Cable Transition and Oil Stop Modules are manufactured in 200 A, 600 A, or 900 A configurations.

For unique transition splicing requirements contact your Cooper Power Systems representative.

Catalog Number WS1112
15 kV Voltage Ratings Refer to CA650080EN
25 kV Voltage Ratings Refer to CA650080EN


  • The 200 A transition modules incorporate a universal bushing well design making it possible to use either a 200 A loadbreak or deadbreak bushing well inserts.
  • The Cable Transition Modules are available in several styles including straight tap, tap and run, and tap transition configurations to accommodate any vault application requirement.
  • Our modules permit easy and reliable construction of single-phase taps or splices from PILC distribution cable feeders.
  • The Cooper Power System Cable Transition Module is the only product available in the industry, which allows the direct connection of separable insulated connectors in a splice of this type. The Oil Stop Modules are available in straight tap and tap transition configurations.
  • The Oil Stop Module is an extension of the Cable Transition Module product line, and is primarily used in situations where dramatic changes in elevation are present over long cable runs.
  • The installation of an OSM helps prevent premature cable failure caused by the migration of oil in paper insulated lead cable.
  • All Cable Transition and Oil Stop Modules are equipped with solder lugs and protective covers as a standard.
  • The entrance fittings and mounting brackets are sold separately.
  • The standard modules are for horizontal mounting.