200 A and 600 A, 15, 25, and 35 kV Junction Bars for Separable Connectors


Junction Bars are designed for vault or apparatus applications and can be used for looping, tapping and sectionalizing. They are fully shielded, submersible, resistant to harsh materials, and are designed and manufactured in accordance with IEEE Std 386™ standard– “Separable Insulated Connector Systems.”

These vacuum cast junctions are made of a high quality silica based thermal setting resin, possessing a high dielectric strength (600 V/mil) and are available for applications up to 35 kV.

For applications requiring non-standard junctions or mounting provisions, contact your Cooper Power Systems representative.

Catalog Number JBI25C2W
Ratings 15 kV Class Refer to CA650079EN
Ratings 25 kV Class Refer to CA650079EN
Ratings 35 kV Class Refer to CA650079EN
Mounting Location In-Line Junction Bar
Mounting Location Stacked Junction Bar
Mounting Location "L" Splice
Mounting Location "Y" Splice


  • Junction bars are manufactured in 200 A, 600 A, 900 A or hundreds of combinations of these ratings.
  • The 200 A junctions incorporate a universal bushing well design making it possible to use either a 200 A loadbreak or deadbreak bushing well inserts.
  • Junction Bars are available in several styles including In-Line, Stacked, and “L” and “Y” splices, which have unique configurations for limited space installations. The “L” and “Y” splices allow streamline cable orientation even in the smallest of vaults reducing the mechanical stress at the connection points.
  • Orderly cable installations also simplify future maintenance and reduce work area safety hazards.
  • All In-Line and “L” junction bars come standard with stainless steel mounting brackets that provide mounting angles from 0 to 60°.
  • Stacked and “Y” junctions come standard with stainless steel, flush mounting brackets with no angular adjustment.
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets with parking stands are available in a variety of configurations for use in standard and custom applications.
  • U-straps or special mounting arrangements for installation in sectionalizing cubicles are also available.