600 A 35 kV Class T-OP II Deadbreak Connector


The Eaton Cooper Power series 600 A, 35 kV Class T-OP II Deadbreak Connector is used to terminate high voltage underground cable to transformers, switches, switchgear and other apparatus. It is fully shielded, submersible and meets the requirements of IEEE Std 386™ standard – “Separable Insulated Connector Systems.”

The 200 A three-phase rated interface provides a means for obtaining a live test, visible ground and visible break using a shotgun stick. It also provides a convenient location for an Eaton M.O.V.E. Arrester, grounding elbow, or a 200 A tap line. Eaton offers an optional capacitive test point similar to test points on 200 A elbow connectors. This allows use of Type “TPR” Series Fault Indicators. T-OP II Connectors are designed for use on solid dielectric cable (XLPE or EPR) with extruded semiconducting shields.

Catalog Number TP635---
Standard Voltage Class: 35 kV
Maximum Rating Phase-to-Phase (loadbreak reducing tap plug only): 36.6 kV
Maximum Rating Phase-to-Ground: 21.1
AC 60 Hz 1 Minute Withstand: 50 kV
DC 15 Minute Withstand: 103 kV
BIL and Full Wave Crest: 150/200 kV BIL
Minimum Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage: 26 kV


  • 900 Amp Rating available.
  • Installation on jacketed cable may require additional sealing material. Adapters are available for terminating tape shield and drain wire Unishield jacketed cable.

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