200 kV BIL Deadbreak System


Eaton’s Cooper Power series 200 kV BIL bushing interface products offer a means of boosting overall system reliability and safety while saving money.

The complete 200 kV BIL deadbreak connector system includes T-bodies, insulating plugs, junctions, caps, reducing tap plugs and transformer bushings. Combining the 200 kV BIL deadbreak system with Cooper Power series 200 kV nameplate rated transformer means no longer sacrificing system protection due to limited component ratings.



System Products


Protect your entire system with 35 kV 200 kV BIL Ratings. For the first time, you can build a complete 35 kV 600 A 200 kV BIL system that doesn’t just include the core and coil - it also includes the bushing and the tee that are connected on-site, strengthening collection system dielectric properties. This added dielectric strength means the system is less likely to fail in the event of a high-voltage surge.

  • 200 kV BIL exceeds 150 kV BIL IEEE® standard
  • Better margin of protection during overvoltage conditions
  • In-house blend of EPDM rubber insulation
  • 200 kV BIL rated systems now available in a deadfront as opposed to only livefront systems
  • Higher ratings for 35 kV and 600 or 900 A systems
  • Reduced total ownership cost

Voltage Ratings and Characteristics

Standard Voltage Class 35
Maximum Rating Phase-to-Ground 21.1
AC 60 Hz 1 Minute Withstand 70
DC 15 Minute Withstand 103
BIL and Full Wave Crest 200
Minimum Partial Discharge Extinction Voltage 26

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