Indoor Powercenter Transformer


Consultants, engineering firms, contractors, and end-users are all reconsidering their previous uses of dry-type transformers indoors and making the switch to superior fluids. New fire safety and environmental advances have made the liquid-filled transformer the transformer of choice. Specifically designed and approved for all indoor or roof-mounted applications placing the transformer near the load, Envirotran Transformers are suitable in all commercial and industrial environments.

kVA thru 10 mVA
Primary Voltage 5 kV through 35 kV, 200 kV BIL
Secondary Voltage 120 V through 15 kV, 95 kV BIL


  • Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid or electrical grade mineral insulating oil (upon special request)
  • De-energized tap changer, externally operable
  • Sidewall-mounted high-voltage porcelain bushings
  • Sidewall-mounted low-voltage molded epoxy bushings with NEMA spades
  • Tank bases designed for skidding or rolling in any direction
  • Extra-heavy, welded-in-place lifting lugs and jack pads (4)
  • Stainless steel grounding pads (4)
  • Cooling radiators are welded directly to the tank
  • Dial-type thermometer
  • Dial-type liquid level gauge
  • Pressure vacuum gauge
  • Cover mounted automatic pressure relief device
  • Pressure test connection
  • 1” upper fill plug with filter press connection
  • 1” drain valve with sampler combination (2500 kVA and below)
  • 2” drain valve with sampler (over 2500 kVA)
  • 1” upper filter valve (over 2500 kVA)
  • Painted using ANSI #61 Light Gray; ANSI #70 Sky Gray; or Special paint available per request
  • Laser-scribed anodized aluminum nameplate

Envirotemp™ and FR3™ are licensed trademarks of Cargill, Incorporated.