Envirotran Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformers


Envirotran™ transformers offer an environmentally responsible, high efficiency, safer choice. The units have high-fire-point fluid, providing fire safety benefits, and a projected life well beyond that of a traditional mineral-oil transformer. These efficient and cost-effective transformers use Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid. Envirotran transformers are manufactured in 45 - 10,000kVA, in primary voltage classes of 15 kV, 25 kV and 35 kV.

kVA 45-10,000
Primary Voltage Up to 34,500 V
Secondary Voltage 208-14,400 V


  • Fluid conforms to ASTM D6871-03 and to pending IEEE® PC57.147, “Guide for Acceptance and Maintenance of Natural Ester Fluids in Transformers”.
  • Tank coating exceeds ANSI® C57.12.28
  • Full compliance with ANSI® C57.12.28 enclosure integrity requirements
  • Interior decal, "Filled with Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid, ulti­mate biodegradability" teardrop shape
  • Bolted cover for tank access (45-1000kVA)
  • Welded cover with bolted hand­hole (1500-10000 kVA)
  • Three-point latching door for security
  • Laser-scribed anodized alumi­num nameplate
  • Liquid level gauge
  • Pressure vacuum gauge
  • Dial type thermometer
  • One-inch drain valve with sam­pling device in low-voltage com­partment
  • One-inch upper fill plug
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • 20" Deep cabinet (45-2500 kVA)
  • 30" Deep cabinet (34.5/19.92 kV)
  • Removable sill for easy installa­tion
  • Steel divider between high-volt­age and low-voltage compart­ments
  • (15, 25 kV) 200 A (HTN) bushing wells
  • Lifting lugs (4)
  • Stainless steel ground pads (45-500 kVA)
  • Stainless steel NEMA 2-hole ground pads (750-7500 kVA)
  • Stainless steel cabinet hinges & mounting studs

Envirotemp™ and FR3™ are licensed trademarks of Cargill, Incorporated.