PEAK Single-Phase Pad-Mounted Transformer


PEAK™ transformers from Cooper Power Systems are uniquely designed to allow you additional capability to manage increased loads and temporary overload capacity without loss of life expectancy when compared to mineral oil-filled transformer alternatives.

Utilizing an advanced high-temperature insulation system approach — comprised of thermally upgraded kraft paper, Envirotemp™ FR3™ dielectric fluid, and an optimized core and coil design — a 75 °C Average Winding Rise (AWR) PEAK transformer results in a smaller footprint and a lighter unit capable of the same ratings as a physically larger 65 °C AWR rated unit.

Ratings 10-167 kVA
Average Winding Rise (AWR) 75 °C
Average Winding Rise (AWR) Slash Ratings 55/75 °C and 65/75 °C
Overload Capacity At Least 109%
Approx. Weight (lbs.) 390 (10 kVA) to 1600 (167 kVA)


  • Meet or exceeds ANSI/IEEE and NEMA standards
  • Meets DOE Energy Efficiency Standard 10 CFR Part 431 for distribution transformers
  • Envirotemp™ FR3™ fluid
  • Tank coating exceeds IEEE Std C57.12.28™-2005 and C57.12.29™-2005 standards (stainless steel units only)
  • Full compliance with IEEE Std C57.12.28™-2005 standard enclosure integrity requirements
  • Laser engraved nameplate
  • Recessed stainless steel lifting provisions
  • Tank grounding provisions
  • Automatic pressure relief device
  • Hinged door with stainless steel hinge pins and barrels
  • Floating lock pocket for easy alignment
  • Captive stainless steel pentahead door locking bolt
  • Oil fill and drain provisions
  • Removable sill
  • Welded domed tank cover
  • High-voltage bushing wells - 200 A
  • Ground strap from X2 to tank ground
  • Tamper strips of noncorrosive material
  • Decal bushing designations
  • Quality System ISO 9001 certified

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Envirotemp™ and FR3™ are licensed trademarks of Cargill, Incorporated.