Under-oil Arrester Disconnector


The Cooper Power Systems Arrester Disconnector provides the transformer manufacturer or utility with a means of disconnecting and reconnecting the under-oil arrester ground for transformer testing. It is designed for mounting (secured from inside or outside the tank) in fluid-filled transformers. The Arrester Disconnector was designed to withstand various surge currents as specified in IEEE Standard C62.11™-1993 as well as hi-pot and impulse requirements specified in IEEE Standard C57.12.00™-1993. 

Catalog Number AD150PA100, AD150PA200, AD150NA100, AD150NA200, 0537980C29, 1139140B01, 1139140B02
Standard Voltage Class: 35 kV
Ac 60 Hz 1 Minute Withstand in Open Position: 50 kV
BIL Full Wave Crest in Open Position: 150 kV
BIL Chopped Wave in Open Position: 175 kV
Discharge Current Withstand in Closed Position: 100 kV


  • The elliptically shaped shaft prevents the arrester ground lead from being rotated during operation of the disconnector.
  • The mating corrosion resistant, aluminum seal gland incorporates two Viton® O-Rings for double leak protection.
  • The shaft and handle are molded of UV stable polymer materials for long term durability.
  • The gasket surface provides a controlled compression and containment of the highly resilient Buna-N rubber gasket.
  • A threaded (1/4-20 x .56" long) stud is provided for easy arrester ground lead connection.

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