600 A 35 kV Class Deadbreak Apparatus Bushing


Cooper Power Systems 600 A 35 kV Class deadbreak apparatus bushing meets the full requirements of IEEE Std 386™ standard separable insulated connector systems. All 600 A separable connectors manufactured according to IEEE Std 386™ standard will operate with this bushing. The epoxy bushings are designed for sidewall mounting in transformers, switches and other apparatus filled with transformer oil  or an approved equivalent bio-based fluid. Separable connector systems, such as Cooper Power Systems BOL-T and T-OP II Deadbreak Connectors as well as other similar systems on the market can be used with these bushings.

Catalog Number DB635B150, DB935B150, DB635B200, DB935B200, 2637023B01, 2637023B01, 2637023B02, 2637023B02, 0537980C06, 0537980C06, STUD635-A, STUD635-C
Standard Voltage Class: 35 kV
Maximum Rating Phase-to-Ground: 21.1 kV
AC 60 hZ 1 Minute Withstand: 50 kV / 70 kV
DC 15 Minute Withstand: 103 kV / 114 kV
BIL and Full Wave Crest: 150 kV / 200 kV
Minimum Corona Voltage Level: 26 kV / 26 kV


  • No special tools are required for installation.
  • The bushing is mounted through the apparatus sidewall and clamped externally.
  • Available in 600A 35kV (aluminum) or 900A 35kV (copper).
  • Available in 200kV BIL (red) or 150kV BIL (black).

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