UltraSIL Polymer-Housed VariSTAR Surge Arresters: Normal-Duty (5 kA), Heavy-Duty (10 kA), and Heavy-Duty Riser Pole (10 kA)


Eaton's Cooper Power Systems has set the standard for design, manufacturing and delivery of polymeric distribution-class arresters with UltraSIL polymer-housed arrester family. UltraSIL polymer-housed surge arresters incorporate the industry recognized superior polymer housing material - silicone rubber. 

Available in Normal Duty, Heavy-Duty and Heavy-Duty Riser Pole classifications, UltraSIL polymer-housed VariSTAR distribution-class surge arresters provide superior overvoltage protection for any electric distribution system. Additionally, in order to help minimize wildlife related outages, Eaton's Cooper Power Systems offers both line terminal and ground terminal wildlife guards. Both guards are perfect for traditional heavy-duty and/or riser pole applications.

Catalog Number U_S03030A1A1A1A
Options Normal-Duty
Options Heavy-Duty
Options Heavy-Duty Riser Pole

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