UltraSIL Polymer-Housed Evolution Surge Arresters (10 kA)


Engineered to survive the elements and protect system assets, the UltraSIL polymer-housed Evolution distribution-class surge arrester from Cooper Power Systems is designed and engineered to provide utilities with proven reliability and field-tested construction. Cooper Power Systems set the standard for design, manufacturing and delivery of polymeric distribution arresters with the UltraSIL polymer-housed arrester family. The UltraSIL polymer-housed Evolution surge arrester incorporates the industry recognized superior polymer-housing material – silicone rubber.

Catalog Number URT03040A1A1A1A
Arrester Ratings 3 to 36 kV
Housing Insulation Withstand Voltage Refer to Catalog CA235018EN
Temporary Overvoltage Capability Refer to Catalog CA235018EN
Temperature Stability +200 ºC to -70 ºC


Environmental Stewardship:
Utilities are facing increased pressure to lower their carbon dioxide emissions. The Evolution surge arrester offers the opportunity to lower carbon dioxide emissions while enabling them to demonstrate their environmental stewardship.

Wide-Ranging Benefits:
Improved discharge voltage, increased margins of protection, and non-decaying TOV are defining performance characteristics of the Evolution surge arrester.

Superior Performance:
Cooper Power Systems has taken a quantum leap in surge arrester technology with the introduction of the Evolution surge arrester, offering a superior level of performance with revolutionary insulating materials capable of withstanding extreme electrical and environmental conditions.

  • The Evolution surge arrester uses specially formulated and highly durable Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) in combination with a proprietary insulating ceramic ring assembly. The mating of these two proven technologies allows Cooper Power Systems to offer a distribution class arrester with riser-pole protective characteristics and infinite TOV capability.
  • The Evolution surge arrester offers significant improvements in protective characteristics and 60 Hz temporary over voltage (TOV) capability for all common over-head and riser-pole applications.

Wildlife Protection System:
Additionally, in order to help minimize wildlife related outages, Eaton's Cooper Power Systems offers both line terminal and ground terminal wildlife guards. Both guards are perfect for traditional heavy-duty and/or riser pole applications.