Enhanced Substation Modeling


With the Enhanced Substation Modeling module of the CYME software, the user can model all the major components of distribution substations and any sub-network such as an industrial facility.


Substation Modeling and Analysis

The Enhanced Substation Modeling module is an add-on to the CYME software that provides the user with the capability to model all the major components of the distribution substation.

The Network Editor of the CYME software is utilized to build the one-line diagram of the substation. This includes the representation of bus bars, multiple transmission line feeds, power transformers, tie points and protective devices.

With the substation modeled in detail, the distribution feeder sources are now the transmission lines feeding the substation. Furthermore, the impact of all components of the substation as well as all components of the feeders connected to it are now taken into consideration during any analysis.

The Enhanced Substation modeling module makes it possible for the user to analyze the effects of a change in the nominal operating condition of one feeder on another.

A typical example would be the voltage profile of one feeder due to a fault on a section of another feeder connected to the same substation.


Sub-Network Modeling and Analysis

Both the Enhanced Substation Modeling module and the Secondary Grid Network Analysis module allow the user to model sub-networks such as a detailed representation of an industrial facility. These sub-networks are considered to be a continuation of existing network feeders.

Unique Capability

The Enhanced Substation Modeling module and the Secondary Grid Network Analysis module greatly enhance the capability of the CYME power system analysis software by including, in addition to the primary feeders, detailed representation of the substation and the secondary grids all the way down to the customer’s transformers.

Both modules are fully integrated into the CYME software for any analysis on both radial and looped systems, such as voltage drop, short circuit, load allocation and capacitor placement.  Any portion of the system can be selectively visualized in detail. System-wide results can be viewed for any type of simulation, and the analysis results within the substation, the sub-network and the secondary grid are displayed on the one-line diagram and in the reports accordingly.