Distribution Network Analysis (CYMDIST)


The CYMDIST Distribution Analysis software performs several types of analysis on balanced or unbalanced three-phase, two-phase and single-phase systems that are operated in radial, looped or meshed configurations. It includes a full network editor, as well as:

  • Unbalanced load flow
  • Comprehensive fault analysis
  • Load balancing
  • Load allocation/estimation
  • Optimal capacitor placement

The software workspace is fully customizable. The graphical representation of network components, results and reports can be built and modified to supply the level of detail needed. Innovative engineering technologies, industry practices and standards are at the core of the CYMDIST algorithms, flexible user interface and extensive libraries.

Furthermore, the CYME COM module allows the environment of your choice to communicate with the CYMDIST software to access different pre-defined functions and calculations.

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