Enterprise Integration


Integration and Custom Software Development

Our team of engineers and programmers can help your company to fully benefit from the CYME applications in your specific IT environment by providing the required tools and the related professional services to achieve your goals. We can adapt to the particular conditions of your system and data environment by developing plug-ins and complementary applications to be built-in an overall solution that will provide the planning and operations information flow you are counting on.

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Integration Solutions

Our highly skilled engineers and computer specialists will assist your team to efficiently integrate and successfully deploy the Power Engineering Software solutions into your specific environment for proficient off-line and real-time operations.

We will have system and power engineering experts available contributing in all phases of your project. Services range from the early stages of the evaluation of the requirements, system analysis and specifications, and extend to project management, testing, physical installation, and training. Our team is experienced with a variety of systems, including:

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Outage Management Systems (OMS)
  • Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • Work Force Management Systems (WFMS)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Legacy Systems
  • In-House or Third Party Applications

Since 1986, CYME has established privileged relationships with significant companies serving the energy sector, notably, CGI, ESRI, GE Smallworld, Intergraph, Miner & Miner, Utility Automation Integrators and other major vendors.

Specific Solutions

Every year, knowledgeable and experienced people from various fields in the industry come to us with great ideas about new tools to help them better accomplish their work. Our software and power engineers can elaborate, develop and provide the software solution that will properly solve the identified engineering setback.

We can assist you in defining the requirements and preparing the specifications of the new application. Once this is established and upon your approval, our software engineers and power specialists engage in the application development in compliance with industry standard methodologies. Customer's representatives always remain involved within the development stage where milestones are clearly identified and controlled all along the process. The systems are staged and tested according to high standards initially agreed upon.

Whenever required, we will have experts available on site to assist your technical staff during the physical installation and the commissioning of the project. Comprehensive training sessions coupled with detailed user manuals and documentation will supplement the installation. Software maintenance and technical support will be offered at a reasonable fee.

Recent software solutions delivered include:

  • Integration of the CYME simulation engines to third party systems (OMS, DMS).
  • Software interface to the major GIS environments.
  • Power Engineering tools to support real time operations.
  • Underground networks systems thermal assessments.
  • Full-fledged power engineered service restoration to address devastating events.
  • Deployment of secondary network analysis solution.