Short-Circuit Cable Rating


The Short-Circuit Cable Rating (SCR) add-on module is dedicated to the rating of cables for short-circuit currents. The implemented method is based on the IEC Standard 60949©(1988) “Calculation of thermally permissible short-circuit currents, taking into account non-adiabatic heating effects”.


The CYMCAP program computes both adiabatic and non-adiabatic ratings. The module offers two possibilities according to the known input data:

  • Compute the maximum short-circuit current that a cable component can carry given the short-circuit time together with the initial and final temperatures
  • Compute the final temperature that a given cable component will reach for a specified short-circuit current, initial temperature and time interval

Short-circuit ratings can be computed for all metallic layers supported in the CYMCAP software:

  • Conductor
  • Sheath
  • Sheath Reinforcement
  • Concentric Neutral / Skid Wires
  • Armour

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