Multiple Duct Banks and Backfills


The Multiple Duct Banks and Backfills add-on module (MDB) is designed to determine the steady-state ampacity of cables installed in several neighboring duct banks and/or backfills with different thermal resistivity. The module presents a unique solution combining standard and non-standard calculation methods. The module computes the values of T4 (the external thermal resistance to the cable) using the finite element method and then the ampacity (or operating temperature) of the cable installation is obtained using the IEC standardized solution method.


The following capabilities are highlighted:

  • Modeling unlimited number of rectangular areas with different thermal resistivity
  • Modeling up to three duct banks in a single installation
  • Modeling one heat source or heat sink in the installation
  • Computation of the steady-state ampacity or temperature
  • Transient analysis, cyclic loading and emergency ratings are supported
  • Computation of the thermal rating of cables in filled troughs



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