Multiple Casings


The Multiple Casings add-on module (MCAS) allows the user to determine the steady-state unequally loaded ampacity and/or temperature rating of cables installed in one or more non-magnetic casings.


In the CYMCAP software, a casing is defined to be a large non-magnetic conduit filled with air, inside which cables in ducts and cables not in ducts can be installed. Casings can be immersed in water, placed on the sea bed or buried underground. No other filling material other than air is considered in the casing(s) or in the duct(s).

The module features many modeling facilities among which the following capabilities can be highlighted:

  • Different burial environments are allowed: water or underground
  • Modeling of any number of casings in parallel in the same installation
  • Modeling of any number of ducts inside one or more casings at the same time
  • Capable of modeling any number of circuits inside a casing and a duct
  • Circuits in ducts and in casings can be multiple cables per phase
  • Several materials (including non-magnetic metallic materials) are available to model ducts and casings (PVC, polyethylene, earthenware, non-magnetic metal, etc.)
  • Sizes of ducts and casings are not limited

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