Cables In Tunnels


The optional Cables in Tunnels module allows the user to determine steady-state temperature and ampacity, cyclic loading, emergency rating and transient analysis for cables installed in unventilated tunnels. Note that only equally loaded cables having the same type and loading are considered.


This add-on module supports a large variety of cable arrangements for single core (flat formations or trefoils) and three-core cables. Major features are:

  • Modeling of a large variety of installation methods: laying on the floor; hanging from a wall; in ladder-type racks; or in cable trays
  • Cables and groups of cables can be single-core or three-core. Single-core cables can be arranged in flat formations (vertically or horizontally) or in trefoil
  • Computation of the steady-state ampacity or temperature. Cyclic loading using daily, weekly and yearly load factors. Computation of emergency ratings

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