Cable Impedances Calculation


The Cables Impedance Calculation add-on module (ZMat) calculates the electrical parameters for cables necessary for performing load flow and short-circuit studies at the power frequency (50/60 Hz).


The calculation of impedances is performed after a steady-state ampacity or temperature simulation has been successfully completed. The final results are the positive and zero sequence impedances and admittances for all the cables present in the installation.

All impedance and admittance matrices are displayed in the report: starting from the primitive matrices per section per metallic component, the bonding matrices, then the phase and circuit matrices and finally the resulting symmetrical components matrices. The following features are supported:

  • Computation of the sequence impedances for all the cables present in an installation
  • Computation of the sequence admittances for all cables present in an installation
  • Multiple cables per phase are supported
  • One or more neutrals can be represented and are taken into account in the calculations
  • Resistivity of the soil can be changed

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