Power Cable Ampacity Rating

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Power Cable Ampacity Rating

CYMCAP modular suite of applications to model and simulate cable installations.


CYMCAP is dedicated to performing ampacity and temperature rise calculations for power cable installations. The field-tested accuracy of CYMCAP provides increased confidence when upgrading existing power cable installations and designing new ones, thus maximizing the benefits from the considerable capital investment associated with them.

The determination of the maximum current that a cable can sustain without deterioration of any of its electrical and/or mechanical properties has always been of prime interest to engineers and constitutes an important design parameter for both system planning and operations.

Accurate ampacity studies help maximizing the benefits from the considerable capital investment associated with cable installations. Also they help to increase system reliability and the proper utilization of the installed equipment.

CYMCAP is a Windows-based software designed to perform thermal analyses. It addresses both steady state and transient thermal cable rating. These thermal analyses pertain to temperature rise and/or ampacity calculations using the analytical techniques described by Neher-McGrath and pertinent IEC© North American and international standards.

New Release - Robust cable ampacity calculations at your fingertips with CYMCAP 7.0

First of the new CYMCAP 7 Series, CYMCAP 7.0 rev.1 focuses on consolidating its assets while introducing new robust and performant algorithms which open the path for more advanced features and capabilities.

CYMCAP 7.0 offers a wide range of enhanced capabilities, featuring new modules, new functionalities and advanced computations:

  • New ampacity optimization algorithm
  • Feature to rate circuits with various operating frequencies
  • Possibility to model multiple heat sources/sinks
  • New module to study the prevention of soil dry-out in non-homogeneous media
  • Improved finite element modeling capabilities for the MDB module
  • Extended features for the transient analysis
  • Updated reports

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CYMCAP Additional Modules

Installations – CYMCAP Additional Modules offer extended capabilities to CYMCAP, allowing modeling more installations, particularly non-standard installations. This includes the modeling of ductbanks, backfills or soil layers with different thermal resistivities each; the calculation of the ampacity and temperature of cables in unventilated tunnels; the rating of cables in both filled and unfilled troughs; and the rating of cables in one or more non-magnetic casings.

Analyses – CYMCAP Additional Modules allows performing several analyses of interest for cables installations other than thermal analysis. With those modules, the user can evaluate the magnetic flux density at any point on or above the ground of an underground cable installation, determine the positive and zero sequence impedances and admittances for all the cables present in an installation, perform short-circuit cable ratings; determine the optimal placement of several circuits within a ductbank given specified constraints; and calculate of the ampacity of two circuits crossing each other.


CYMCAP-CHOTE Cable Historical Operating Temperature Estimator

The Cable Historical Operating Temperature Estimator (CHOTE) is a software application that offers an innovative way to evaluate the temperature at which underground cable systems have operated during their in-service life. The CHOTE software allows identifying, qualifying and quantifying important conditions on the network. Read more.


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