CYME Power Engineering Software

Address the emerging distribution, industrial and transmission challenges with CYME 7.1

Eaton is proud to announce the release of its latest CYME 7.1 Power Engineering Software. CYME 7.1 takes a significant step to redefine the term “ease-of-use” bringing both simplicity and accurate results to your fingertips. As part of the CYME 7 Series, this new version reiterates our commitment to constantly improve our software by offering a unique solution that combines a design centered on the needs of the power engineers and leading-edge engineering software tools.

CYME 7.1 is a version with a range of enhanced capabilities, featuring new modules, new functionalities and extended configuration options. Key new features of CYME 7.1 include:


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The world-class CYME power system analysis software is a robust, comprehensive suite of advanced simulation tools assisting transmission, distribution and industrial power engineers. The CYME suite of applications was designed to help address the complex and emerging challenges of the electrical engineers that support power network planning and operation.

The software is readily available for customers' immediate use in planning and engineering applications. The same solutions can be easily customized and seamlessly integrated as an embedded calculation engine with existing applications. We also offer comprehensive services that allow our customers to fully benefit from the CYME applications in their environment. These services include power system study services, assistance with enterprise integration, and comprehensive training.

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