Pole-Mounted Racks with Single-Phased Units


Lightweight, all-aluminum construction of the Series A and cantilever-mount capacitor racks makes for easy handling, fast installation, and low maintenance. These racks, with a clean uncluttered profile for today’s environment, are standouts among pole-mounted capacitor assemblies.

Materials Lightweight, all-aluminum
Mounting Location Series A and Cantilever


  • Series A racks accommodate 75-, 95- or 125-kV BIL class capacitors rated 100, 150, or 200 Kvar in single row assemblies.
  • The 75- and 95-kV BIL racks, designed for phase voltages up to 15 kV, accommodate three, six, or nine single-phase capacitors.
  • The 125-kV BIL rack, designed for phase voltages up to 37.4 kV, also accommodates three, six, or nine single-phase capactiors.
  • The cantilever-mount racks, available in either the 95- or 125-kV BIL class accommodate three or six 300-Kvar single-phase capacitors in single-row assemblies. These racks are adaptable for use on phase voltages up to 37.4 kV in the appropriate BIL class.
  • Remote capacitor switching is provided by Type NR or Type NRV oil switches depending upon the system voltage rating. Switches can be mounted across the front of the rack (Series A only) or, more commonly, along the pole side.
  • Racks are completely prewired at the factory, and all high-voltage wiring and bushing terminals are bird-proofed.

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