Medium Voltage, Single-Phase, Unfused Capacitors


Eaton’s Cooper Power series all-film, unfused capacitors feature extended-foil elements, solderless connections, and laser-cut aluminum foil in a high stacking factor design. Designed, manufactured, and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable IEEE Std C18™-2002 standard (Heavy-Duty and Extreme-Duty capacitors are tested to IEEE Std C18™-2012 standard) these capacitors are a simple, economical, and reliable source of reactive power on outdoor or indoor electric power systems for: improved power factor, system capacitor release, reduced losses, improved power flow capability, voltage support, harmonic filtering and surge suppression. Power capacitors can be installed singly or in factory-assembled switched or unswitched banks in: pole-mounted racks, substation banks, metal enclosures, and mobile capacitor banks.

Catalog Number CEP
Materials Stainless-steel tank with light gray finish; wet-process-porcelain bushings
Materials Environmentally acceptable Edisol™ VI dielectric fluid
Mounting Location Pole-mounted racks; Substation banks; Metal enclosures; Mobile capacitor banks
Ratings Standard-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Extreme-Duty ratings available


All-film, extended-foil, solderless capacitors with a high stacking factor provide:

  • Low dielectric losses (0.05 watt/kvar)
  • Personnel safety through a superior definite tank-rupture characteristic
  • Low capacitance change with respect to temperature
  • Tank rupture curves defined through 10 kA for Standard- and Heavy-Duty and 15 kA for Extreme-Duty
  • Superior electrical performance and reliability
  • Proprietary Edisol™ VI dielectric fluid that provides the best balance between low and high ambient temperature operation

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