EX-7Li Single-Phase Internally Fused Capacitors


Type EX-7Li all-film internally fused capacitors feature the latest Cooper Power Systems design innovations; extended foil, solderless connections, CLEANBREAK element fusing system and lasercut aluminum foil. Designed, manufactured, and tested to meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards, their low cost per kvar makes these capacitors a simple, economical source of reactive power on electric power systems for: power factor correction, voltage support, loss reduction, improving power transfer capability, and releasing system capacity. Internally fused, power capacitors can be installed individually or in factory-assembled switched or unswitched: open style indoor and substation banks, or metal enclosed banks. Note that Cooper Power Systems does not recommend the use of internally fused capacitors on pole-mounted, distribution rack applications.

Materials Stainless-steel tank with light gray finish; wet-process-porcelain bushings
Materials Environmentally acceptable Edisol VI dielectric fluid
Mounting Location Pole-mounting racks; Substation banks; Metal enclosures


All-film, extended foil/mechanically connected capacitors provide:

  • Low losses (0.15 watt/kvar).
  • Superior electrical performance and reliability.
  • Environmentally acceptable Edisol VI Non-PCB dielectric fluid.
  • CLEANBREAK® element fusing system.

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