Vertically Mounted to Externally Fused Block Banks


The economical factory-assembled blocks provide Kvar requirements in a compact, adaptable, easy-to-install package that fits the needs of a growing system. Numerous configurations of block sizes and bus arrangements are standard. This allows for fast, simple, yet precise, factory production which results in a lower overall cost without sacrificing quality. Beyond a complete line of block banks and associated accessories, Eaton can offer more. For example, there is the convenience for the customer of a single point-of contact from order placement onward throughout equipment service life. This helps to assure equipment that is properly applied and system compatible.

Mounting Location Horizontally or Vertically


Low Installed Cost

  • Reduced design engineering
  • Reduced installation labor
  • Reduced ordering, shipping, and handling time

Fast Installation

  • Blocks assembled and wired at factory
  • Precision construction to simplify field installation

Application Flexibility

  • Banks enlarged or relocated easily as system demands change
  • Large selection of block and bus arrangements

Complete Line of Accessories

  • Complete line of accessories and engineering recommendations for application

Standard factory assembled blocks consist of distribution-class capacitors connected in parallel, series-parallel, or in a three-phase arrangement and mounted in a sturdy welded aluminum frame. The individual capacitor units are rated 100, 150, and 200 kvar, 2400 to 21600 volts, and at 75,95, and 125 BIL. Blocks are also supplied with properly sized, bus-mounted, indicating-type fuses for individual capacitors.

Small or large Kvar requirements can be supplied, wherever the need exists, by capacitor block banks from Cooper Power Systems. A complete capacitor block bank generally consists of:

  • A number of block assemblies to provide desired Kvar.
  • Base and interblock insulators to provide desired BIL.
  • Interblock connection equipment.
  • Accessories or special features as required.

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