Neutral Unbalance Protection Equipment


The use of Cooper Power Systems neutral unbalance protection equipment is considered desirable and is practical in most applications. Cooper Power Systems has four basic unbalance protection methods for capacitor banks in all standard voltages from 15 kV through 161 kV.

The four methods are: Double-wye, split-neutral bank method; Grounded neutral bank method; Ungrounded neutral bank method with potential transformer sensing; Ungrounded neutral bank method with capacitor network sensing (Cooper Power Systems patent). Each of these methods has its own special advantages depending upon the particular application.

Applicable Capacitor Bank Voltages 15 kV to 161kV


All circuits provide continuous monitoring and will trip out the capacitor bank when established tolerances have been exceeded. The general categories of protection provided by unbalance detection are:

  • Protection against major faults within the bank.
  • Protection against sustained unbalance neutral conditions.
  • Protection against overvoltage conditions.

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