Nature Guard Terminal Covers


Items in the Nature Guard line of wildlife protectors are designed to give your equipment the ultimate in protection against nuisance outages caused by aggressive or pesky members of the animal kingdom.

These heavy-duty terminal covers are ideal for pole-mounted racks where squirrels or other aggressive animals have proven conventional terminal covers inadequate.

Catalog Number CCM25A1, CCM31A1, CCM36A1, CCM32A1, CCM33A1, CCM35A1, CCM34A1


  • Screw-on assembly: Cannot be pried off.
  • Skirt hugging design: Edges cannot be lifted off of the top bushing skirt. This prevents foreign matter from being deposited under the covers.
  • Bacteria resistant: Bacterial growth, which turns conventional covers black over time, is eliminated.
  • UV resistant: Minimal degradation from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is assured.
  • Heavy duty: The heavy-duty design and 15-kV withstand capability of the covers ensures long life.
Equipment BIL Catalog No.
Light-Duty Terminal Cover* 75-200 CCM25A1
Capacitor Unit** 75-95 CCM31A1
Capacitor Unit*** 125-200 CCM36A1
Type NR Switch 95 CCM32A1
Type NR Switch 125 CCM33A1
Joslyn VSV   CCM35A1
Type TSC Switch 125 CCM34A1

* This is a slip-on, not a screw-on terminal guard.
** Or any bushing with 3" diameter skirts.
*** Or any bushing with 3 5/16" diameter skirts.

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