Nature Guard Light-duty Birdguard Terminal Covers


Light-duty birdguard terminal caps are standard equipment on all Cooper Power Systems pole capacitor racks and are ideal for installations with limited animal problems. Nature Guard terminal covers are available for a variety of equipment used in pole-mounted capacitor rack applications.

Catalog Number CCM25A1, CCM31A1, CCM36A1, CCM32A1, CCM33A1, CCM35A1, CCM34A1


Equipment BIL Catalog No.
Light-Duty Terminal Cover* 75-200 CCM25A1
Capacitor Unit** 75-95 CCM31A1
Capacitor Unit*** 125-200 CCM36A1
Type NR Switch 95 CCM32A1
Type NR Switch 125 CCM33A1
Joslyn VSV   CCM35A1
Type TSC Switch 125 CCM34A1

* This is a slip-on, not a screw-on terminal guard.
** Or any bushing with 3" diameter skirts.
*** Or any bushing with 3 5/16" diameter skirts.

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